Relay Team roundup - calling all QO members

There are several relay events early next year and it would fantastic if we could get a Quantock team to all of them.

Can you join us at some or all of these?

Here are the dates and links -

13th Feb - Compass sport heat

27th March - BOC22

17th April - Easter JK relays

Possibly not JK relays in Easter - but otherwise sign me up @Pete

It looks like we are in luck this year with these major events being pretty close by. Over the years QO have fielded relay teams for the JK and BOC so it would be great to do so again in 2022. The format is usually based on senior and junior age groups, either M/W or mixed teams so there is a chance for everyone to have a go.

QO have indeed had success at this high level in the past. I may be corrected but we have had a winning team on more than one occasion with a mixed group of veterans, Mike Crockett, Jenny Tennant and Bill Vigar.

We have also fielded a team in the JK Men’s Open at Lanhydrock back in 1997! As a M35 on the last leg it was quite a lonely run for me, but I reckon with our current crop of M21s, we could have a team in the thick of the action.

With a good response Pete will be able to put together a good selection of teams for everyone at any level. I expect we will watch out for a Doodle Poll or email in the near future.

I am about for BOC and hopefully can join up with some of the QO Supervets. If all goes well with travelling I’ll be checking the JK results from Canada.
CompassSport Heat - we’ll be the home team at Ramscombe and am looking forward to it.

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Now entered for the BOC Individual race - first fee closes 16th Jan

This year’s JK is in a great area, so close! It is a good time to book up accommodation, different types of race, hopefully with some QO social gathering. It would be good to have several QO teams on the Easter Monday. Pete (Club Captain) would love to hear from you.

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Agreed :+1: it is a good time to book up and get the dates in the diary. Brian’s suggestion for a doodle poll is a good idea, I’ll get an email out soon.

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If you might be interested in being in the QO team at an event, please fill in this form:

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@Pete what was that other event you mentioned earlier today?

@Pete ignore me - it was the BOC2022!