JK - Easter weekend. Who is going and where are you staying?

Following on from a discussion about relays: Relay Team roundup - calling all QO members with @Pete @BrianJP and @craddocktaunton

This year’s JK Festival of Orienteering is fairly nearby this year in South Wales - JK 2022

I am looking to run in all the events. I will be on my own, so I wondered who else was planning on going, where you were staying and whether anyone wanted to share lifts etc?

I’m going for just 3 days (not the sprint). I’m always open to lift sharing but by doing just the 3 days there’s less chance of this happening. I’ll be at the bargain basement Rhymney House Hotel in Rhymney Bridge on the Sat and Sun nights where the food is pretty decent considering the humble surrounds and quite easy to get to for anyone wanting to catch up over a meal, yourself included, Phil.

Thanks @Jeff.Pakes - the Rhymney House Hotel looks good to me :slight_smile:

Going to try and do all four events (assuming I am in a relay team!)