Poundbury urban - Saturday 9th April

This is a bare-faced plug for an event I’m controlling!

There’s a fantastic opportunity for top-notch urban orienteering and its right on our doorstep in Dorchester. Whatever you think of Poundbury’s architecture or its social experiment, the outcome is a nearly perfect venue for orienteering. Its maze of streets and alleyways almost devoid of people and traffic is wierdly brilliant. If you don’t know what I’m on about come and experience it!

Poundbury allows us to do something we can’t usually do, which is to offer proper (and safe) urban racing to under 16s. There are going to be 2 junior courses, both require a little route choice so a bit orangey, and they are properly around the same streets as the adult courses.

Entries are open on fabian4.

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Here is the link for the pre-entries: Fabian4 - Entries and Timing

Sounds like a great venue for an urban. Sadly the kids cannot make it, but I am hoping to be free :grinning: