Results for Poundbury Urban - 09 Apr 2022

A handful of QOs headed down the road to Poundbury near Dorchester to take part in an urban event that was part of the UKUL (UK Urban League) and SEOUL (South England Orienteering Urban League) (and controlled by QO @RichardS).

Poundbury is built on Duchy of Cornwall land, according to principles of architecture and urban planning as advocated by HRH The Prince of Wales in his book ‘A Vision of Britain’. As Richard describes:

the outcome is a nearly perfect venue for orienteering. Its maze of streets and alleyways almost devoid of people and traffic is weirdly brilliant.

In Men’s Vets, Phil Sorrell came in 7th - just in the chasing pack a few minutes behind the two fast leaders. In Men’s Super Vets, Andy Rimes came in 8th and Steve Robertson, running up, in 16th.

In Men’s Ultra Vets, Tony Hext came in 20th, and in Women’s Ultra Vets Rosie had a great result finishing in 3rd place, just over a minute behind the winner.

I really enjoyed my run. It was error-free (for the first time ever) although there were perhaps a few places where my route was slightly sub-optimum and I could have saved a few seconds here and there. Given I was still nursing my ankle I am really happy with my result - I just need to run faster!

The course really used the area well - I definitely felt like I got to see a lot of Poundbury, and there was a lot of technical detail and sneaky cut-throughs to make micro choices interesting. You needed to stay focused and in touch with your map throughout.

My highlight was my near-perfect flow past a control with Steve as a witness - my best control by far (I was 2nd fastest on that leg and 3rd on the next!) that was sadly not repeated.

Thanks to Wimbourne Orienteers for putting on a great event.