Pat Grenfell (BOK)

Another stalwart of O in the SW, Pat Grenfell (BOK) has died. The notification in the BOK newsletter reads:

Sadly, Patricia Grenfell passed away on 24 June 2023 aged 94 years, just over a year after husband John died. Many of you will remember Pat and John who were very active members of BOK from the 1970’s and continued to be involved well into their eighties.

Her funeral is to take place at St Mary’s Church, Stoke Bishop , BS9 1QJ , at 11am on Thursday 27 July 2023.

Their daughter Jenny, would like to invite BOK members to the funeral and would very much appreciate it if BOK were well represented as they were when John Grenfell died just over a year ago.

We send our condolences to Jenny and the rest of the family.

If anyone who remembers Pat and was thinking of attending the funeral, they should contact Simon and Miffy who notified us of this posting.