Erik Peckett and Arthur Boyt

We are sad to hear of the passing of Erik Peckett and Arthur Boyt - both were members of DEVON and but both have been prominent in West Country orienteering.


Erik Peckett (DEVON) has died after a long illness in Torbay Hospital with his wife Margaret by his side.

Erik was a prominent member of DEVON orienteering club and was Chairman of SWOA for many years. His expertise as a teacher, mapper, planner as well a fully participating member of his club, SWOA, BOF, and IOC is acknowledged in an erudite article by Brian Parker on the DEVON website. Judy and I were proud to know him and Margaret for many years as friends and recipients of their wisdom. Memories of Christmas Novelty events carrying concrete Christmas puddings and meandering fairy controls! It was fitting that the Exeter University campus, which Erik mapped originally, was used as the venue for the Southern Urban League Event last Sunday. His mapping skills were recognised by Brian’s article, but my family will remember his guidance in remapping a version of the King’s Cliff map.

Erik’s funeral will be family only.


Arthur Boyt (KERNO & DEVON) was a colourful character renown for his love of ‘road-kill’ despite having a vegetarian wife, Sue! He moved from DEVON and TVOC to KERNO clubs and back to DEVON when he returned to Exmouth. He was a talented orienteer and planned many events in the SW. A tribute to him can be found on the DEVON website written by Andy Reynolds.

Arthur’s funeral will be held on Tuesday 25th July at 12.00 noon at Newton Abbot. Further details can be found on the DEVON website.

Great cameo from Arthur on TV the other night… Yes, really! Currently on BBC iplayer too, A303: Highway to the Sun, a repeat from a decade ago where his interest in roadkill is featured as he chats away to the presenter from the passenger seat of a Morris Minor estate. So I was taken aback when i saw the announcement of his passing the very next day on the Devon website.

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