November Classic weekend

Following on from this discussion: Salisbury city race - 6 November, it is also the November Classic on the following day at ‘Milkham, Slufters and Broomy Bottom’ near Ocknell in the new forest.

Entries close on Thursday 4th November - enter at

I am making a weekend of it, staying in Lymington if anyone is around on the Saturday evening!

I’m very tempted by the black course on Sunday. Just put off by the long drive, but making a weekend of it and doing the urban too makes it more worthwhile!
Has anyone found some reasonably priced accommodation?
Is anyone just heading over for the Sunday and interested in a lift share?

Define reasonable!? The best I found was a room at The Angel and Blue Pig in Lymington for £80 on There were cheaper options esp. on AirBnB more into the cities.

Pete, I used an AirBnB in Ringwood last month. It was decent enough but basic but then it was only £21 for the Sat night. It’s flagged as “Nice single room in flat in Ringwood”, hosted by Mel.
If you’re just going for the Sunday, I might be on for a liftshare but I need to do a fitness test on Wednesday when entries closed (tight hamstring and niggle with the knee I fell on)