Lockdown Orienteering - Team Competiton - 21st to 24th May

Lockdown Orienteering are doing a team competition next week:

  • 7 stages (challenges) over 7 days
  • 7 in a team/5 in a junior team
  • You compete individually then add up your scores within the team

The stages

We call each challenge a “stage”. The provisional 7 stages are:

  • Street View orienteering
  • Control description game
  • Spot the Difference
  • Route choice game
  • Laby: The Maze!
  • Photo memory orienteering
  • Trail-O

Is anyone interested to set up a Quantock Orienteering team (or teams?) - I would like to take part, and I sure both kids would like to have another go after taking part in the World Orienteering Event this week. If you are interested post a comment below.

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Hello Phil
I’m up for this

Excellent Richard. Hopefully we will get a few more!

Let me know if you are short of a team member. Angela

I’ll give it a go Phil


Thanks Angela and Jeff - that gives us 4 (5 with Sarah). Just two more needed for a team!

(worst case the two kids can join the adult team to make up numbers)

So the team so far is:

On the reserve list:
Our 2 kids

If you can think of anyone else who might be interested, please get in touch with them to see if they are interested (Steve took part during the classic weekend I think) - we have until Tuesday end of day. But otherwise we have enough to scrape a team so I will enter us anyway even if the kids have to work together as the 7th entry!

Hi Phil,

I’d be down for this.

Thanks Tom! I will stand the kids down.

Hi Phil,
Count me in as well.

Excellent Chris.

So the team is:

(with Roger in reserve)

I will get things booked!

We are all registered: http://www.fabian4.co.uk/start/list.aspx?EventID=2634

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I’ll start the competition later, after I’ve finished remote learning with Miles !

You should have all received the instructions for the event - if not let me know and I will forward on a copy.

You need to grab your competition number (RIchard - your one should be the same as last time) and then progress through the stages (note that some end on Saturday). Most of the stages should have examples to tackle first before you do it properly. If you have any questions just shout!

The live streams are quite fun, especially the Catching Features live competition on Sunday.

Also - I think it only proper that @ChrisH chooses the team name …

Help, not received anything! Can you give link to competition page? Thanks

Cancel that. I’ve found the instructions now.

Great stuff Richard.

Well done Tom who was leading Street View last time I looked!!

I hope you are all enjoying working through the stages. Just a reminder that stages 1-4 need to be finished by 7:30pm tonight to count towards the team score.

Good luck!

Sorry my results for stages 1 and 3 haven’t been added onto team score but not sure why as I completed stages Saturday by midday.