Lockdown Orienteering - Team Competiton - 21st to 24th May

Oh dear my battery died, whilst completing a task :weary:

I think I’m a liability in the team !

Hello Angela. Best 5 scores count, so never mind missing 2 out.

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@Annabel1995 I did wonder about your missing stages but only belatedly realised those are the stages where your scores / times need manually uploading to the results site. If you still have them they may accept them still if you ask.

Ultimately it is all for fun :smiley:

Just finished but don’t know how to upload result of street O …

Not sure it’s fun at all as I’m feeling very stressed :weary:

I’ve just completed the last of the 7 scoring rounds with solidly low-to-average performances throughout. Quite enjoyed the street view race, but definitely I prefer the outdoor versions of this sport. Well done Tom, in a league ahead of the rest of us. Thanks Phil for organising.

If you go to the results page there is an upload link at the top - if you click that you should be able to upload your scores. I think you get to the same place by clicking your name in the results too.

I’m feeling much better now that I beat you (Richard S) on the street O and only one stage to go … thank god as this is tough

The jigsaw was especially intense here - Sarah and I were going head to head simultaniously. There was much swearing.

My success at the photo stage in the last competition lead to an over confidence so I did terribly this time around.

Thanks for taking part everyone.

Just finished demo but how do I enter the catching feature competition

The swearing was all coming from Phil’s side of the room! I liked the jigsaw (although I wasn’t brilliant at it). It is all good training for me. Now time to try street O. Wish me luck!

You unfortunately need to buy a license for the full game if you want to do the Catching Features stage. The stage is not counted as part of the team competition.

If you have a license then the map should be in the list under ‘Competitions’.

I’m not sure about buying a licence Phil, if points aren’t counted towards the team and can’t remember my time/scores for stages 1&3 so sorry everyone. A bit disheartening but not put off and going to Bristol next week to do more virtual orienteering - :crossed_fingers: app is free

No need to :slight_smile: It is only if you have a license already - it was a horrendously complicated course. I finished it, which was the best I could ask for.

No need to apologise - we all got to have a go which was the main thing.

What is the Bistol one?

Looking at areas I haven’t been before so will start with Durdham Down and then try a sprint course (Long) - all the changes in direction look fun.