League standings after a winter wonderland on Croydon Hill

Orienteers were treated to a snow-covered Exmoor for our shared league event with Devon.

Croydon Hill is a wood and deer park on the edge of Exmoor which overlooks Dunster and the Bristol channel.

Thankfully the snow came early enough (the day before), to give the roads time to be passable, especially over Exmoor, whilst retaining enough snow to add to the occasion and most seemed to appreciate the added beauty and challenge on their courses. The views from the fort and the hill in the north east were spectacular.

Links to the results and courses, photos and comments from competitors, the organiser and the planners.

Many thanks to our planners, Simon & Miffy, for many days on-site updating the map as well as planning eight different courses for us, and to the others who helped in advance. Thanks to the helper team too for doing the jobs on the day cheerfully, and well done everyone for coming. Great to have lots from other clubs visiting. See you again soon.

Control 110

League Standings

Results after four events (updated 18/12/22):

Results (PDF) | Results (XLS)

On Blue, Ian Mayhew is 130 points ahead, but there are only 113 points between the next 5 (Damian Wilson (Devon), Andy Rimes @andyr , Richard Sailsbury @RichardS , Shelia Braine and Robin Carter (Devon).

Steve Robertson has the edge on green, ahead by 91 points, followed by Ray Toomer who is 66 points ahead of Michael Anderson in 3rd place.

On Short Green, last year’s runner up Roger Craddock @craddocktaunton leads by 99 points, with Adele Appleby just ahead of Becca Jackson (Devon).

On Light Green, Devon’s Lottie Jackson has a 154 point lead ahead of last year’s Orange winner Oliver Lewis.

Finlay Goddard is dominating Orange with an impressive set of results.

Deeyana Jaradat is leading Yellow. Bee Hemmings is in 2nd place, but with only two results, it could be close after the third.

On White, Ilyaseen Jaradat is comfortably in 1st place.

There is no official Brown league.

Next League Event

The next QOFL event is on 29th January at Quantock North - open moors and coombes with vistas stretching out to sea.

Join us for a weekend of orienteering and take part in our UK Urban League event on 28th January. Using a newly-extended Taunton map, this will be a great mix of residential streets, business districts, and urban parkland. Junior courses will be entirely within traffic-free areas.

Fabulous photos, so atmospheric- what a day to be out there