Killerton - 25 July - Results

Results are up for today’s Killerton event.

15 QO’s took part across most courses - full results at Results for Killerton - 25 Jul 2021 (QO results below).

Thanks to Devon Orienteering for putting on a great event. I thought the brown course made good use of the Killerton estate and had a nice variety.


7.8km 290m

9th Philip Sorrell 74:42
14th @Jeff.Pakes 78:40


6.1km 210m

5th Angela Modica @Annabel1995 61:07
11th Rosie Wych 72:16


4.5km 175m

4th Ray Toomer 51:16
5th 52:21
12th Martin Lewis 74:04

Short Green

3.4km 115m

2nd Roger Craddock @craddocktaunton 44:26
7th Sarah Pascall Sorrell @Sarah.Pascall 56:10
9th David Harrison @OsteoDave 60:07
11th Sue Toomer 66:47
12th @KarenLewis 69:01


2.5km 100m

3rd Oliver Lewis 35:03
5th William Toomer 39:39
10th Annabelle Lewis 51:52

I enjoyed my first Brown - navigationally it was mostly a clean run with the final navigation into controls in the woods improving as the course went on. Like quite a few people I feel foul of the undergrowth looking better on the map than in reality between 15 and 16 (43 & 44) - ultimately abandoning the shortcut to go around (which turned out to be a lovely route that guided you into the control), and I also ended up on the wrong parallel track at one point needing a bit of extra running to correct. Where I struggled the most was running up and down the hill! Overall, I enjoyed the course and I am happy with my 9th place just ahead of @Jeff.Pakes who was taking it easy before Scottish 6 Days.

Really enjoyed my run, though could have done with the weather being cooler.
One benefit of walking uphill 2-3 was planning out the route for the rest of the course.

I mostly dropped right into every control. One instance of a parallel path but didn’t loose much time on it.
8-9 I had two choices. I really wanted to drop down and contour round below the woods. But I got worried the rough open wouldn’t be runnable and took a path up and over. As it turned out, the rough open was very runnable so would have been a lot less effort than the route I took.

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The course has been added to RouteGadget :slight_smile: - Routegadget 2

Yes that initial hill was not joyful.

We had a control between your 8-9 off the big track to the north so it was a much more obvious route choice for us to drop down.

Thanks for the Routegadget link. So far no-one on Green went down on the 8-9, which makes me feel better.