Killerton - 25 July - Devon Orienteering

Devon orienteering has an event later in the month at Killerton National Trust property that is just down the road from Taunton.

This is a colour-coded event with 7 courses ranging from Yellow 1.8km - non-technical, reasonably straightforward navigation to Brown 7.7km technical. Courses are mostly in open parkland, making for very fast running.

Details at:

I am going for my first Brown which will be … interesting. I ran my first trail race at Killerton a few years ago and remember it going up and down the volcano crater seemingly endless. It will be ok though right as orienteering planners never make you run up and down steep hills for no reason…

Although I think they have refreshed the map, here is the Routegadget page for the last event at Killerton for anyone interested: Routegadget 2

How’d that work out on brown? Lots if up and down on green…

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Up / down up / down.

We definitely had to work for it!