Club juniors Al & Sebastian running 8 marathons to raise money for MS Trust

Club juniors Al (W10) and Sebastian (M8) (who likes to be called Bee) have taken on the MS Trust Mission: 100. They set themselves a target to run a massive 8 marathons over 12 weeks (they had to be talked down from a higher target)

They are halfway through their challenge so far and are on target. Sadly the motivational puddles that were plentiful at the start of the challenge have dried up but they are still stubbonly hitting the road (and trails).

Whether the experience will improve their orienteering will remain to be seen but it is definately getting harder and harder work running with them!

If you can spare a few £ you can sponsor them at: Sarah Pascall Sorrell is fundraising for Multiple Sclerosis Trust (MS Trust) or leave some words of encouragement on this thread.

We are fundraising for the MS Trust because they do so much work to support not only people who have MS, but also their families.

The work they do is amazing. Both our stepfather and our uncle have been diagnosed with MS, and the MS Trust has helped us to understand their diagnosis and the difficulties they face.

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What an excellent challenge, half way already, well done!


Thanks Richard - they are so determined!

What a challenge, you two are absolute superstars! A great charity close to my heart too, so keep smashing those targets and you’ll be finished before you know it x

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5 marathons completed as of yesterday. I think I be more tired than them! They are really motivated by all the support, so thank you Vikki.

Wow! Well done.
Just shared on FB and I’d like to put something in the next club email if you want to write a little article…

Just pinged you a message .

8 marathons done! They have both done so well. Thank you everyone who supported them.

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