Yvette Baker Qualifier - how do we sign up?

Details of the Yvette Baker Qualifier has been posted on the main website.

How does a junior sign up for the team though? Do they just turn up and run, or is there a formal process to register as part of Quantocks junior team?

Does it work like the adults, i.e. any juniors can run and the best scores are counted, or is it limited to specific size of team?

Any number can run. As long as on registration they are associated with the club their time will go into the calculation.

IIRC that is:
On each course, best 4 male and best 4 female are taken, from which the best 6 go forward. Then the best 9 are taken from the scores that came from the courses.

Thanks @alasdair.shaw - it looks like Al will enter (W10).

There is now a form to let the club know if you are attending: Junior orienteering Competitors