World Cup Round 2 in Sweden

The World Cup round 2 in Sweden starts tomorrow and can be watched live at Welcome! | International Orienteering Federation (for a small fee). The Long is on Thursday, with the Middle on Saturday and the relay on Sunday.

The Long-distance will take place by lake Burusjön, situated north of Idrefjäll. The race will pass through challenging Swedish mountain terrain at an altitude of 630-880m. Hilly topography with moderate to steeper slopes. Runability and visibility is good to very good. Very few roads and paths in the area.

The map, which you can view at World Cup Idre 2021: All You Need To Know | World of O News looks amazing - basically just runnable forest, contours and a few water features!

I do not know if anyone else watched this but it was absolutely enthralling especially the middle distance, with competitor after competitor making mistakes in the tricky terrain.