Woodbury Common South - 23/01/22 - Results and discussion

The results are out for the QOFL (our Forest League) event organised by Devon at Woodbury Common on 23/01.

Full results and splits are available on the Devon website. Thanks to everyone involved in putting on the event.

Post below to discuss how you got on!


5th Adam Fieldhouse 49:09
8th Oliver Rant 57:34
10th Robin Fieldhouse 62:47
12th Andrew Bussell 66:29
18th Andy Rimes @andyr 75:12
19th Luke Fieldhouse 75:14
22nd Philip Sorrell @daylightgambler 78:46


9th Jeff Pakes @Jeff.Pakes 62:15
22nd Rosie Wych 91:24
26th Stephen Lysaczenko @stephen 95:25


5th Elizabeth Treherne 71:48
8th Graham Hartley 73:24
9th Simon St Leger-Harris @simonslh 76:04
10th Rachel Bussell 77:27
13th Martin Lewis 81:48
21st John Fisher @johnf 134:52

Short Green

1st Graham Pearson 52:18
5th Roger Craddock @craddocktaunton 65:21
9th Martin Fieldhouse 74:15
11th David Harrison @OsteoDave 77:29


11th Oliver Lewis 42:53
19th Annabelle Lewis 75:17

It was great to see lots of QOs at the start this morning. It was cold but at least it was not raining.

My run on Brown definitely did not go to plan. The first two controls went well, but I went completely wrong on the short leg between 2 and 3 taking over 10 mins instead of less than 2 minutes. It took me quite a few more controls before I settled down and started clawing back some of the lost time. I will write off the race as training…!!

The terrain was quite fun though - there were a lot of paths, but some quite nice interesting bits amongst the gorse!

I wanted to get a Brown under my belt as a sort of test run to check my post covid condition. I deliberately kept the pace sensible and felt ok for the full duration which was a relief after crashing and burning at Buckland Wood. This time was more about the head than the legs. Great area and planning to catch out the unwary. I took a wayward route to #1 and almost headed for #2 instead. My next drama was falling into the 10 foot gully at #6, holding onto branches slowed the fall and I landed on my feet then had to crawl up it to the control… Next the mispunch - I had it in my head I was heading for #10 - a lapse possibly aided by it being closer than #9, I was non the wiser until download. I didn’t feel too annoyed strangely, perhaps as I had a great time. To sum up I had quite few wanderings in the circles and think this can be improved by reading the vegetation better. Contours and paths were my friends.

I think I know where you fell in, as I nearly did the same! I ended up at the bottom only to climb up through the gully to discover the entrance where the control was and the path I was on right next to it.

I nearly did the same thing, as a few points on the long leg I had to correct myself that I was heading to 9 not 10.

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