Wilmot's Pool QOFL

How did it go for you?

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Hopefullly Routegadget will give us an idea, here is the link:

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How do you put yourself on routgaget as mine never show up
Great event again
Thanks all
Cheers Stephen

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Hi Stephen - there is a guide on the website with a helpful video: Routegadget - Quantock Orienteers

You need to make sure you ‘Save GPS route’ once you have uploaded the file (I usually select ‘Autofit’ as well).

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My route: Routegadget 2

I had a very hesitant start - not sure I was quite in the zone. I clearly fancied extra height gain - avoiding the contouring option to control 2 and instead dropping down (not via the handy re-entrant for some reason) before climbing back up to the visible control on the slope above.

My compass bearing was off a bit (too much clockwise) to control 3, and then 4, and again to 5 - and I am totally going to blame the compass. I was mostly happy with the long leg to 5 - but passing too far north of the control meant I missed it, with minimal features to relocate without wandering around aimlessly. I nearly gave up, until Brian and then Shelia arrived, so I kept looking and eventually stumbled upon it.

After that I was mostly in Brian’s shadow for the rest of the course - I took a more direct route from 6, but Brian found 7 first and navigated cleaner to 8, where I went to the wrong control first.

It was frustrating spending so long on control 5 (another event struggling with Quantock platforms!) but otherwise another enjoyable event on Quantocks. Thanks @Pete for planning the event, @Jeff.Pakes for controlling and @KarenLewis for the fab organisation.

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It was great to be in this part of the Quantocks again. I had a good start until heading up the steep slope towards #3 when I stopped just short of the control, not seeing anything I contoured in both directions but was too low, so I decided to climb to the top path knowing I would have to drop again. This worked as it tends to be easier to spot small features from above.

The long route to #5 was going well, leaving the path to head west across the valley before the control. Heading down the slope I kept my head up hoping to see it on the other side but no joy there. When I hit the stream I wanted to use the largest bend by the marsh as an attack point. I was uncertain though as the marsh seemed to be only a few plants rather than the sizeable mapped feature extending up a few contours. Hoping I identified the correct stream bend, I pressed on straight up as an aim-off and was going to turn north to pick it up, then saw Phil approaching from that direction. We were both inside the circle but a little too high to see the flag and then Sheila approached from the south. Three sets of eyes and some contouring eventually enabled us to locate it further down the slope.

Platforms on the slopes have always been a problem for planners (and runners) being at risk of entering the realms of chance. I remember that on a previous event here, Nick Barrable the CompassSport magazine editor had run and commented about low flags on platforms. On the other hand the flag if hung high on the edge it could be visible for miles and ideally we are supposed to find the feature before the flag. I suppose our best plan is to have a solid attack point and pace count on a strict bearing, perhaps aiming off and high. Saying that, we could debate that the main function of controls is the navigating between rather than finding them.

#6 was another challenging leg to a second platform diagonally climbing the valley side, checking the results showed that fewer people were caught out and for me the combination of bearing and pace counting paid off.

Then it was all about the big climb out of Hodders Combe to the finish but at the same time the interest was maintained by some tricky legs. I echo Phil’s thanks to Pete, Jeff, Karen and the team for another Quantock epic.

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I went a bit higher early on from #5 than you and got a wonderful view of the control from a long way off.

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Organiser comments from @KarenLewis :

Thank you to all that turned up for this event. As organiser, I am going to take all the credit for arranging the superb weather.

Despite a struggle to get a full complement of helpers and having to ask other teams to contribute, it all went very well on the day. My main concern was the condition of the parking and the number of spaces available to us – the ground was very soft a week before. I didn’t need to worry, it was well covered and Mike even managed to get dog walkers to join in.

Thanks again to all the helpers, the event was a success as a result of you guys.

The half time entertainment – the young farmers drive by in their tractors with all manner of horns blaring was a great addition to the day.

Hope you all enjoyed your run and that Pete’s courses lived up to expectations.

Planner comments from @Pete :

6.5 years ago my boys and I took part in our 1st orienteering event at Wilmots pool so it was great to have the opportunity to plan my 1st QOFL event there too! I would like to apologise for the long leg of the blue course being too near the edge of the map, an unfortunate oversight during the very last stage of cropping the courses to suit the paper size. Lot’s of lessons learned will hopefully improve my next planning role and optimistically my future race days too :crossed_fingers:

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