Where can we find jog results

Does anyone know where to find the JOG results? I went for the first time in ages and interested to see how I got on. Thanks.

Hi @JennyW - they are not published on the website but are emailed out a few days after the event. If it is ok with you I can email you the last results?

Many thanks but don’t worry, Roger has just sent me a copy, I think he is sending them out generally tomorrow. I wasn’t sure when they got sent out and it’s the first one I’ve been to in ages. Thanks again.

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For some reason I thought they had already gone out, but now I check I have not had them yet!

Glad you are sorted :grinning:

We aren’t allowed to publish JOG results due to British Orienteering rules. However, as has been mentioned, they are distributed on our mailing list to QO and JOG members (usually by the Tuesday following the activity).