Weston-Super-Mare - BOK Urban - 25/05/22 results

Many QOs took part in our nearest BOK urban league event at Weston-Super-Mare on Wednesday night. The courses included sprint style controls in the park, finding staircase cut-throughs and underpasses in the shopping and residential areas, running along the seafront being blasted by the wind and some final climbs back to the finish.

@Pete led on the long course with a good result of 8th - a few minor mistakes easily mitigated by plenty of fast running. Phil @daylightgambler also had a good run coming in 14th. @ChrisP came in 20th, with @BrianJP less than a minute behind in 24th. @Miffy @stephen and @simonslh came in 34th, 36th and 37th.

Graham had another good result on the medium course, coming in 7th, and Martin finished in 25th.

Roger @craddocktaunton was taking it easy after an injury, yet still came 3rd on the short course.

Afterwards, the Taunton lift-sharers enjoyed fish and chips (and burritos) before heading home.

Event 6 in the series is a sprint style event in Hanham on 8th June - each runner takes part in two races! BOK Urban Orienteering Series 6 - Hanham - 8th June 2022 | Bristol Orienteering Klub

Overall I had a blast - although ultimately not many meaningful route choices I enjoyed the puzzle.

On leg 12, I choose the longer but flatter route over the top rather than dropping down and climbing back up the stairs - looking at the data, I am not sure it lost me much time, but certainly saved me some energy.

The seafront was great although I spent most of the time concentrating on not letting go of my map in the strong wind.

I started flagging a little towards the end and made a few minor route choice errors losing valuable time but overall I am happy with my result, and apparently, it was my fastest 5-mile run.

A tasty burrito in the fish and chip shop with fellow lift-sharers was a lovely finish to a great evening.