West Woods 16/01/22 result and latest SW orienteering league results

Just Tony Hext made the journey to West Woods to take part in North Wiltshire Orienteers South West Orienteering League (SWOL) event on Sunday 16/01/22, completing Green in 63:59.

For results see: http://northwilts.org.uk/results/220116WestWoodsResults.pdf and view the course and maps on RouteGadget: Routegadget 2

The SWOL results have been updated after 6 events, with 3 more to go: South West Orienteering League – South West Orienteering Association

A few highlights:

Phil Sorrell @daylightgambler is clinging onto 3rd place on Brown with Andy Rimes @andyr in 9th and Pete Shirvington @Pete in 12th.

Martin Lewis followed by Steve Robertson lead the QOs on Blue, and Tony Hext is 8th on Green.

President, Roger Craddock @craddocktaunton is 1st on Short Green.

Annabel and Oliver Lewis, running their first season on Light Green, are 4th and 5th.

QO has the top 3 places on Yellow - with Al Hemmings 1st, her brother Sebastian 2nd, and Freyja Shaw in 3rd.

Sadly my tactic of turning up to more events than anyone else stops working at 5 events! Unfortunately I am only able to do one more event this season, so I am prepared for a fall.