Wellington Street Series Event 2024

What a great turnout! And nice to see people in the pub afterwards.
How did your run go? What routes choices are you happy with, and which would have done differently with hindsight?

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In hindsight, definitely would not have run 3 sides of a rectangle to get back to the finish which then cost me 60 points! Think I would’ve made it back just in time if I went the proper way and didn’t confuse myself right at the end!

Great event last night, lots of controls which makes it very inclusive for all abilities. Wellington just keeps getting bigger!

Great to be back in time for a change! Thanks to the Fieldhouses for suppling nearly 1/4 of our entry!

sorry - supplying! Happy Birthday to Adam

Well, this was my first night adventure, and very enjoyable.
I didn’t bring a sleeping bag but was anticipating something unforeseen.
I don’t know how but I ‘lost’ Maprun on my phone. Eventually I logged in again and found a route back.
I did get a score for the first three controls, but did not finish. I didn’t get a score for the remaining seven as I didn’t start!
Next time I’ll keep my phone tucked away!
Good fun!
Thank you for Alistair for sorting out a score for me!

Thanks for planning Alasdair. The large spread of controls really got you thinking about the best way to prioritise. I had a slight alteration with a spiky hedge I attempted to shortcut through and a cat that decided to jump off a fence into the path of me and Adam charging down an alleyway. All good fun!

This shows the variety of routes taken by those on the Short course!

And everyone on the Short course as if they did a mass start…

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Like the animation. If only we were all that quick!