Vivary Park JOG

Is there a way of seeing all the participants routes on a single map? Or even to see any of the routes as they are pin locked on the results page?

The Fox was planned so at least half of the controls had route choices, and I would be interested in seeing which routes people choose.

Click on Track for one of the runners. It will then ask for a PIN. It is the same as that to run the course (printed on the maps). You’ll then be in Routegadget.
You can select as many of the runners as you want to put their track on the same map.
I like the animation where you watch the dots as if there was a mass start.

I loved getting a chance to run Fox. I’m pleased with my route choice.

Unfortunately I do not have the pin as I didn’t run the course.

You can download the maps with PINs at

Thanks. Pleased to see a variety of routes on the legs with options - it means I got the balances right. The winner also used the same route I ran when testing it!

Great idea. Should we advertise this facility to the membership to encourage them to come along? Judy and I enjoyed watching the route choices at Triscombe!

I’ve included a guide to it on the website and directed people to it from one of the JOG emails.