Urban MapRun Sprint

Hi all and Phil S said it was okay to post details but sadly I can’t seem to attach the flyer Matt Atkins created and it’s a bit late notice, but all QO members are welcome to come and explore Exeter’s Stoke Hill area (comprising Northern Pennsylvania and Mincinglake Valley Park) with MapRun6. The area is a mix of open and wooded, and can be fairly muddy in places! The whole area is very hilly.

Course Opening Times will be from open from 6pm on Wednesday 30th March through to 8pm on Sunday 10th April. You can run the course at any time of your choosing during this period.

This format is a 45 min. sprint planned by Martin Yeo and Jemma Davie. Gain 20 points per control. Lose 10 points per minute – or part minute over the 45. The map scale is 1:5000 (double sided map, ISOM format).

Informal meet up at Sylvania Community Hall on Wednesday 30th March at 6-8:30pm. Please tick the box on RaceSignUp if you are coming to the Meet up. Bring warm clothes and something to eat if you would like to stick around after your run.

To find out more visit devonorienteering.co.uk or email maprun@devonorienteering.co.uk

Why not see it as training for the start of the BOK Urban Orienteering Series 1 - University of Bristol - Wednesday 27th April 2022, which I’m looking forward to…. thanks for reading,

Angela Modica

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Thanks for posting @Annabel1995 - more than happy for other local clubs to post details of events relatively accessible to QOs on this site. Sadly I am not going to be able to make it after twisting my ankle on Saturday.