Travel and exercise

Can any one could confirm the rumour that the Govt are allowing travel to the countryside to exercise, providing the travel time is less than the exercise time? Can I drive to the Quantocks and run the hills?

I understand that has been confirmed as the legal definition. I suggest that you choose wisely however on anywhere you might go, as I have been told that most of the carparks in well known walking places have been closed by authorities to discourage it.

I’m reading that social distancing could be in place for a year so what do I tell a parent - got in touch yesterday through scheme - whose looking for a buddy (for child) ?

Angela M

Did you answer them in the end? I think most people should understand the uncertainty, I personally would be happy with an answer of “when we know more of what may be possible, we can look at how we can do a buddy scheme”. I’m not sure if any more is possible right now!

Yes, I said something like that and asked Judy to add contact details to JOG mailing list. Angela M

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The government position hasn’t changed. There was a leaked document of advice on policing, but that was about best use of resources, not on what was actually allowed. A bit like telling motorway patrols not to pull people over below 80mph.
Fundamentally, travel allows it to spread. That’s the point of the restrictions.

Matt Atkins has created two MapRun courses starting from the front of Nathan’s house on Wellington road. Ideal exercise for those that live within walking distance. They can be downloaded from DEVON MapRun site and I have pdf’s if people need them.