Thurlbear Woods JOG

Well, I may have just accidentally invented a new Fox game. My printer ran out of cyan ink, leavimg my map rather yellow. Not being able to distinguish open from dense woodland was interesting and led to one big mistake.

Plus I missed the finish, not noticing on the ground what seemed an obvious kink in the hedgeline on the map before the finish and thus ending up turning up a hill within 3m of the finish. The lack of visible woodland on my map didn’t help either! Oh, if only there’d been a flag or a kite, or even an SI box on a stick! Lost several minutes there.

Having now looked at the tracks, I see three others made the same mistake I did at the finish. Not feeling so bad about it now.

Umm, nice map! I’ve run a couple of the mapruns on black and white maps which sometimes works ok, probably less confusing than yellow! I think the Hare course had a control on the corner of the field near the finish which would have helped in a normal JOG, plus the path to the finish has only recently been mown, it was very obvious before being cut. At least you had a bit of fresh air and a bit more exercise than anticipated!

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Is there any possibility of keeping these routes “live”? Due to the weather and planning the Combe Florey JOG I have not had a chance to do Thurlbear yet and I love that area.

Ones like Thurlbear Woods and Lydeard Hill that are accessible to the public will stay open.
The weeks quoted are for inclusion of your run in the ‘just for fun’ competition. If you missed one, however, we are considering announcing open weeks to do catch-ups. Keep an eye on your email…

Ones like Combe Woods and Taunton School only have access agreements for the dates of the events. These will have to be closed afterwards.