Taunton West SEGOL 2021

Heading out on the long course early tomorrow morning to beat the heat and the shoppers. It has been so difficult to resist looking at the map in advance (as I presume you are not meant to?!)

Not too worried about being competitive - just hoping for a clean run.

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That was fun (and very tiring) - no spoilers but it went well with only one bigger error and a slight delay being accosted by someone interested in what I was doing.

Good luck to everyone else running the course!

Aha, so that was you I spotted racing along near the back of Lidls. Inspired to see you running - I’ve not engaged with any orienteering for a while, it might be time. Glad it went ok.

@JennyW it was indeed - it was near the start in a familar area so I suspect I looked less raccy later on.

This is probably a good one to start again with as there is a good range of courses and you can run it at your leisure over the next few months (details are at Taunton West - Quantock Orienteers).

Does anyone know if the mass start/animation uses times weighted for age groups? Three of us with me much slower than the other two, but the animation shows me and one other neck-and-neck! Defo. not real time!

@johnf welcome John.

I do not think it does take into account age. I watched my animation and it seems to roughly reflect reality although my route has a load of jagged spikes which probably explains why it thinks my pace was 3:16 across 18km! Not sure it is as trustworthy as say Routegadget.

I am running the medium with my son at some point so afterwards I will watch the animation and report back.

The Maprun course analysis is actually handled by Routegadget, so should be the same. Of course, if the GPS data was glitchy then it transfers through like that.

On the Wilton Street Series event I bumped into the vicar of Galmington and lost a few minutes chatting. A good excuse to catch my breath!

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