Street Series 3 - Bishop's Lydeard

How’d you get on?
I loved being out, and seeing people before and after my run. It was a fun course that used the area well. I was so tempted to cross the stream to #46 - I know some others did.
I struggled with my route choices leading to dead ends and with my slow pace (at least I managed to keep going for more than half an hour this time, so that’s progress back towards normal).

I enjoyed it. It felt cold to start but soon warmed up once you got running.

I was pleased with my run - I kept up a pretty good pace and complete my plan give or take with 20s to spare.

Made a few blunders - I tried to head into the railway workings from the start, which was not ideal. I then had my map folded in such a way that hid the top route, so I did 47 before 43 and 33, so had to double back.

I kept on Red and swept down into the village ultimately switching to Blue after 25. With hindsight, I should have gone around 44 and 52 before crossing the river, but instead went straight to 46 and up - getting a lot of the blues but still with a few inefficiencies.

It was a sprint finish, as I was still in the village with just a few mins to go.

It was a great puzzle, so thank you Rosie.

This was an enjoyable event and trip down memory lane with my birthplace north of #51 (now fields), Graham’s close to #24 and my Mother living close to #32. Some 50 year old local knowledge was applied to short cut through the woods to #12, thankfully it was clear as I remember though seemed smaller through adult eyes. The first 5k around the old village and estates were knocked off in 34 mins, 22 controls vibrated my Garmin without having to pause once. I was then into the less familiar ‘new estate’ Hither Mead, built in the 70s and it was back into slower navigation mode, 12 controls and 3k in 25’ with hard last legs to get under the 50’. Chatting with afterwards about hitting a dead end at #37 that I managed to find a way through, it turned out with time ticking away I made a parallel error and it was #25 that luckily buzzed as I passed by.

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Loved tonight’s run around BL, I was grateful to start before the light faded completely which allowed me to navigate the rocky path and muddy section between #47 & #51 easily which saved my trainers from getting completely covered in mud! Lots of route choices made for an enjoyable run, thanks to all involved!

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