Stonebarrow & Golden Cap - 27 Jun 2021

It looks like a few QOers headed down to Dorset for the Wimborne Orienteers event at Stonebarrow & Golden Cap.

Provisional results

Big congratulations to Oliver Lewis for his first place on orange.

So how did it go @KarenLewis @Jeff.Pakes @craddocktaunton ? What were the courses and terrain like?

We thoroughly enjoyed the course at Stonebarrow even with it being extremely hilly.

Unfortunately, I didn’t do very well. Got to my number 5 control and struggled with number 6. Went back to number 5 to re-orientate and still it took me 39 minutes.

I am not making excuses but I was doubting my direction as a result of the building not being mapped - it was just marked out of bounds. Live and learn.

That being said, it was still great to be out there and the weather held.

To the next one.

and to think I was quietly moaning to myself about the small hill in Clevedon - I suspect you had more hills!

That is frustrating if an obvious feature is not on the map. Still, it sounds like you had fun. Did the rain hold off?

It did. Should have worn sun cream.
I get frustrated myself by OOB screen obliterating map detail. With the old mapping standard you could at least see more detail.
There are a number of folks who seem to have grown stronger fitness wise during the pandemic judging by their runs (Rosie, Steve R, Ray) - I ain’t one of them! But still pleased with my run. And 30s ahead of super Stevie R!!

Fancy a (gentle-ish) training run along the river sometime?

Yes please, that would suit me.

I will ping you an email!