Season opener and SWOA league awards

It was a surprisingly dry and warm September day at Triscombe Stone for the Quantock League (QOFL) and South West Orienteering League opener. Previously planned for 2020 but delayed due to the pandemic, the event had increased in size from a local event to a regional event, but planner @KarenLewis , supported by Steve, rose to the occasion and planned some great courses.

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On White, Ilyaseen finished 2nd after mostly avoiding the temptations of all those earth banks to climb! Sister Deeyana, running on her own for the first time, came 5th, with Chloe 4th and Sebastian, just five minutes behind the winner, 3rd.

Finlay took 1st place on Orange, with Annabel a few minutes behind in 3rd place. Al successfully finished her first Orange course in 5th.

Moving up to Light Green after taking the Orange trophy last year, Oliver came 2nd.

On Short Green, Jim N came 2nd with Martin just behind in 3rd.

New club member Ian (winner of Quantocks Challenge Long Course) had an impressive run, finishing 2nd on Blue.

On Brown, Robin was just a few minutes behind Ben Chesters in 2nd place. Paul was the best of the rest in 6th.

The weather was superb, and the event went very well. The feedback I received was in general very positive. A couple of errors (opportunities to learn) … It has been hard work for the past few months, and it was a very long day today. Did I enjoy it - let me sleep on that. Am I proud of what was achieved - definitely.

Great job, Karen!

As the last runners finished, many participants took advantage of the weather to enjoy picnics in the parking field. Everyone then gathered for the presentation of the SWOA League trophies and certificates.

Congratulations to Roger @craddocktaunton - winner of Short Green, Al - winner of Yellow, and Sebastian - the best boy of Yellow. The magnificent trophies, made from Taunton glass, were handcrafted by the late Dave Holmes, a QO stalwart.

Thank you to everyone who attended from across the South West. Our next league event is on 16th October at Kingscliff Woods.

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