Route choice options

For those that haven’t seen it before ‘route to Christmas’ is back again this year

One from me from yesterday where I was fortunate enough to be training in southern Spain after the Costa Calida 3 day
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Photo is from #4 looking towards #5 (1:10k)
Which way would you go?

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Crikey! I had a quick look, but where do you start on a map that complicated?

Here’s my snap decision as if racing:
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Basically, hit the path I’ll already have seen a bit of while I study the map more. Then, from the end of the path, follow the ridge down, pick up a reentrant that roughly extends it, skirt the big depression to its left, then let the contours feed me to the control just below a saddle.

Hmm, doesn’t look like images are working at the moment. @daylightgambler Any ideas? The one I just tried is well below the maxsize in the settings I can see and is an allowed extension.

Sorry for the delay in replying - I have done an update which seems to have resolved the issue.