Roundup of Coming Orienteering Events

A re-posting of the recent club email, as it can be useful to have this information searchable, linkable and commentable.

With orienteering resuming and only a short window where the vegetation and permissions allow good non-urban events to be held, there’s a lot on in the south-west in September. Here are a few highlights…

4 September - QO Club Championships

A decade blocks score event using SI punching. All are welcome to come and take part but only club members are in the running for the title of club champion.

11 September - JOG1 - Sampson’s Wood

Our first JOG of the new season is at a new venue in Yeovil. Mapped and planned by one of our younger members, this promises to be a good start you the series.

You can either come along 1400-1500 on the Saturday when control flags will be out, or any time on the Sunday when you can use GPS punching.

12 September - DEV League 1 - Whitchurch Common

The joys of Dartmoor.

12 September WIM/SLOW MTB Orienteering - Salisbury

Ever tried combining mountain biking and orienteering? It’s a lot of fun - a bit like the original horseback events.

18-19 September - WSX/WIM Caddihoe Weekend

Saturday: South West Middle Distance Championships

Sunday: South West Long Distance Championships

See a pretty comprehensive list of south-west events. You’ll see QO events first, and then those from other clubs.

Looking forward to the club champs next weekend!

I am gutted to be missing Whitchurch Common - my favourite part of Dartmoor but instead we are having a jaunt up to Milton Keynes where my parents live… and where it happens to be the SEOUL (Southern England Orienteering Urban League) double header in Milton Keynes and Cambridge -

I have to admit I did not realise the Caddihoe Weekend = the South West Middle and Long Distance Championships, and unfortnately we have booked something else for that weekend (although hopefully the JOG gets permission as I can go to that!)

Thank you.
I’m going to try to do a similar email each month during the busy season.

18 September - JOG2 - Broomfield Hill has got permission now. NT have very kindly waived their fee, too, as it is for juniors.
25 September - JOG3 - Staple Hill is still awaiting permission from FE.