Results from WIM Bere Wood Regional & SWOL

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Hopefully someone who went to the event can do a short write up?


8.5km 110m

Pos Name Time
13th Jeff Pakes @Jeff.Pakes 90:51

Brown standard: 78:37


7.525km 120m

Pos Name Time
10th Brian Pearson @BrianJP 72:36
17th Brian Fletcher 75:53
20th Steve Robertson 77:47
39th Stephen Lysaczenko @stephen 100:57
41st Matthew Knipe 112:14

Blue standard: 85:05

Short Green

3.825km 65m

Pos Name Time
4th Graham Pearson 52:58
5th Tony Hext 55:18
10th John Trayler 58:57
23rd Karen Lewis @KarenLewis 77:28
24th Roger Craddock @craddocktaunton 82:57

Short Green standard: 64:48

Light Green

3.75km 60m

Pos Name Time
4th Oliver Lewis 60:27

Light Green standard: 61:21


3.55km 60m

Pos Name Time
Annabelle Lewis m6-7

Orange standard: 66:54

On a day when there w as 3 events on, devon, oh my obelisk 1/2 marathon and bere woods
I decided on the orienteering in the woods of Dorset and wasn’t disappointed . A lovely course only made one major mistake going to 9 when i had the map wrong way and ended up at 3, believe it or not i have done this before on several occasions., throughly enjoyed it and not too wet underfoot either.

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It was good to return having last orienteered here in 1995. Comparing maps the main changes were an increase in dark green areas but the white areas were very open and with dead bracken. This allowed us to attempt direct lines across the forest with mixed success. A base plate compass and steadier pacing may have helped accuracy but I was enjoying the running almost too much to navigate.

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