Results from Sarum Saunter 2022 - Fonthill Abbey Wood, 20/03/2022

Congratulations to the QOs who took part, especially Hamish Braine-Clarke, M16, who completed his first Brown coming 19th and gained his first BOF ranking points.

Here are their results:

11 Jeff Pakes
19 Hamish Braine-Clarke

17 Tony Hext

Short Green:
2 Sheila Braine
19 John Trayler
20 Roger Craddock

Another great event at Fonthill, with it’s manor house, long drives and ornamental lake temporarily diverting attention from the O action. Sarum I believe classed this as their best area when questioned by CompassSport magazine (we chose Quantock Forest North incidentally, which includes Wilmots Pool etc). My last event here was a CompassSport cup heat seven years ago, when with a strong team we finished runner up out of six teams, including the hosts Sarum.

There’s a good write up of the event giving a nice flavour of the event on the Sarum website with photos soon, apparently. Well done to Hamish on a very consistent run, at least judging by the straight line time graph on Splitsbrower. Some feat to go without a major error over 27 controls on your first Brown, especially as visibility was not always great in terrain that was scrappy in places.

The slope on the contouring leg to Brown # 7 was pretty treacherous with wind blown branches and slippy leaves and I came a cropper, collapsing in a heap with a branch impaling my O trousers!