Results from Sailsbury city race - 6 November

A handful of QOs made the trip to Sailsbury to stretch their legs before the November Classic the following day on the surprisingly hilly courses to the South of the city centre.

On course 2 - Phil Sorrell came 21st, with Andy Rimes, who was running up, coming in a few minutes later in 34th. Richard Sansbury, unfortunately, pinged an incorrect control.

Brian Pearson came 49th on course 3, Tony Hext came 51st on course 4 (Rosie Wych missed a control towards the end) and Adele Appleby came 24th on course 5.

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This event was the final event of the Southern England Orienteering league.

Course 2 - 6 km / 230 m climb

Pos’n Name Time Behind
21st Philip Sorrell @daylightgambler 50:12 13:30
34th Andy Rimes @andyr 54:09 17:27
- Richard Sansbury @RichardS DSQ

Course 3 - 4.7 km / 185 m climb

Pos’n Name Time Behind
49th Brian Pearson @BrianJP 56:04 16:14

Course 4 - 3.8 km / 125 m climb

Pos’n Name Time Behind
51st Tony Hext 54:38 20:27
- Rosie Wych DSQ

Course 5 - 3.4 km / 145 m climb

Pos’n Name Time Behind
24th Adele Appleby 51:06 15:33

Oh dear, a DSQ, although actually it was a mispunch. I took a unique longwinded route from 3 to 4, which doesn’t make any sense now I look back on it. I didn’t have any control descriptions so it was too much trouble to check the number and so didn’t realise I was at the wrong control. A shame as I ran quite well and would have only been just outside the top 10.
However I still enjoyed it, quite hilly, and I liked the inclusion of woodland in an urban area. A shame there weren’t more route choices, but I liked the tricky bit in the south east corner of the map where I nearly made another mistake.

I had a brief lapse of concentration in that section where I took the wrong cut through and came out in an unexpected place and then spent a minute correcting. Look at the splits I think that cost me 3 positions :frowning:

Agreed - the primary route was fairly obvious in most cases. I went through the map with Sebastian last night, and he actually spotted a few alternative route choices I had missed but none of them seemed quite as optimum as the obvious route.