Results from Compass Sport Trophy qualifier

24 QOs made the journey.- sadly crammed into cars rather than the planned minibus - to Margam Forest near Port Talbot to represent the club in the Compass Sport Trophy regional qualifier.

The Prince of Wales bridge was shrouded in mist as we headed into Wales and it was quite eerie climbing up the forest track to parking and assembly.

Whilst Swansea Bay did take the win, we came 2nd ahead of South Wales Orienteering Club.

It was a team effort, but a few specific mentions that caught my attention:

  • David Browne - relatively new to the club but went all in run up on the Brown course with great enthusiasm
  • Pete Shirvington - clearly should go orienteering abroad more, as he had a fantastic run on Short Brown
  • Hazel Mudd - ran up to race against the World Champion - finished with a smile despite the tough course.
  • Finlay Goddard - 2nd by just 35s against an experienced junior running down from their usual level. A great result!
  • Oliver and Annabel Lewis - successfully completing their first Green and Short Green courses (respectively)

A big thank you to Club Captain Pete for organising the teams and entries, to Karen for organising the minibus only to have it cancel at the last minute and for Swansea Bay for putting on an enjoyable event.

Here are QO results: ( All Results, Routegadget, Winsplits)

Brown Trophy

8.6km 295m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
3rd Adam Fieldhouse QO M21 88:37 +29:38
4th Robin Fieldhouse QO M21 89:35 +30:36
8th Oliver Rant @Mr_Rant QO M21 111:31 +52:32
10th David Browne QO M40 147:30 +88:31
Tom Hasler @Tom QO M21 MP

Short Brown Trophy

6.7km 260m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
3rd Peter Shirvington @Pete QO M50 77:28 +9:01
5th Richard Sansbury @RichardS QO M50 82:38 +14:11
6th Phil Sorrell @daylightgambler QO M45 89:52 +21:25
7th Brian Fletcher QO M50 95:09 +26:42

Blue Men Trophy

5.9km 235m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
3rd Chris Philip @ChrisP QO M65 78:15 +12:53
4th Brian Pearson @BrianJP QO M60 78:37 +13:15
13th Graham Hartley @GrahamH QO M55 112:14 +46:52

Blue Women Trophy

6km 225m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
5th Sheila Braine QO W55 100:38 +57:04
7th Hazel Mudd QO W21 130:48 +87:14

Green Men Trophy

4.9km 210m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
2nd Steve Robertson @srober10 QO M70 73:39 +16:31
3rd Andy Rimes @andyr QO M60 74:06 +16:58

Green Women Trophy

4.7km 185m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
3rd Linda Mudd QO W60 99:10 +25:57

Super Vet Short Green Trophy

3.1km 130m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
2nd Roger Craddock @craddocktaunton QO M80 68:53 +11:53

Vet Short Green Trophy

3.4km 135m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
7th Rosie Wych QO W65 70:03 +27:56
11th Karen Lewis @KarenLewis QO W55 106:34 +64:27

Orange Men Trophy

3km 85m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
2nd Finley Goddard QO M14 28:38 +0:35

Junior Men Trophy

4.9km 210m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
4th Oliver Lewis QO M16 113:07 +73:42
Hamish Braine-Clarke QO M18 DNF

Junior Women Trophy

3.3km 145m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Behind
3rd Annabel Lewis QO W16 103:04 +56:05

Well what a great time we had today.

It wasn’t as cold today otherwise it would have been really tough. It was wet and misty but a very enjoyable orienteering event.

The course had some technical parts some extremely muddy areas that were difficult to get across without the loss of a shoe.

A couple of poor route choices led me to have to struggle through an area of bramble and brashings and on one occasion i had to re-route.

However, on saying all that, I really enoyed the course and found it stretched me.

It was a real shame about the shear quantity of litter that was throughout the area.

I love this kind of terrain - very physical with bogs, fallen trees and vegetation to negotiate.

Unfortunately I miss navigated to my first control turning away from the river too early - thankful a passing @ChrisP set me right after a lost minute or so, but it made me more nervous and cautious for most of the rest of the course.

There were a few minor errors - getting pulled to far down the slope for 3, overshoot 5 slightly and going through the bad vegetation to 10 (it reminded me of Castle Neroche…). 13 continued my run of silly mistakes from Portugal - I ran to the control (punching it), then mis-read the number and went on a wild goose chase for 3 minutes before returning for a second read of the number :man_facepalming:

Overall relatively happy but have a lot of work on my fitness to do!

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The ‘special mentions’ above are inspired. But there was a notable omission, I feel…

Chris Philip- tantalising glimpse of talent from supervet sadly still largely unknown beyond this parish. Podiumed. And only beaten by two SBOCs several age classes younger.

Bantered with Chris about this during the Henlade JOG!