Results from BOK Dolebury Warren - Sunday 13th March

Two QOs went to the Mendips on Sunday to Dolebury Waren - apparently, one of the most scenic areas BOK has, with fast open areas, slower woods and craggy ground on the steep slopes.

Here are the results:


12th @Jeff.Pakes


10th Steve Robertson

Unbelievably only two QO people at this one. Or four if you count the two who have defected to BOK in a the last couple of years? Including one actually seen out in his Green and Yellow top. There you are, probably still a QO at heart.
Sense of deja vu mistaken. It wasn’t Sandford & Lyncombe (further along the Mendips to the west), even though the map and the topography were similar. The lack of quarry and radio mast should have been a giveaway though.
Chatted to an M40 local to the area trying the sport for the first time on the long walk up the hill to the top for the Start. He later won Orange, but I shan’t take the credit even though I gave him some tips!
Great bit of planning. There was a mixture of leg lengths with a long leg at the start and in the middle. Also some nice legs emerging from one side of the long thin hill then attacking the opposite side straight away. Yes it’s only about 300m wide across the top, probably not too different to Blackborough?
The nicely detailed map showed individual trees (about 50 of them) in the open areas, opening up more possibilities for the planner…
The nav was fairly straightforward. My only mistake was on 10 were I drifted down on a contouring leg, inexplicably missing all the paths and almost falling off the map? Was this the karma working after my controlling attempt at Wilmots Pool where two competitors did exactly that?
Very pleased with being 12th out of 29.