Results: Friar's Cliff, Christchurch Urban - 05/11/22

A complementary event to the November Classic - an urban event in wet Christchurch.

Course 2 - All

10th Philip Sorrell @daylightgambler 40:50
19th Martin Lewis 57:55

Course 2 - M45

4th Philip Sorrell 40:50

Course 2 - M50

7th Martin Lewis 57:55

Course 3 - All

20th Brian Pearson @BrianJP 32:07

Course 3 - M60

7th Brian Pearson 32:07

Course 4 - All

59th Adele Appleby 49:48

Course 4 - W55

16th Adele Appleby 49:48

Results | Wessex Routegadget - draw your route!

It is fair to say we are probably spoilt by all the urban events put on by BOK at the start of each summer.

Whilst it is always nice to run around a new area (I am still yet to orienteer at the same place twice!) there was not much of a challenge at Christchurch, and I had a clear run until the final control when I turned left instead of right!

Looking back at my route, I was lucky not to fall for the dead-end route choice to 7 - choosing to sweep around the track at the last minute, and it was probably slightly shorter doubling back from 13.