Report an Issue

Please use this thread to share any issues with one of our permanent courses. Perhaps it is just a temporary thing like a road with a control on being closed, or perhaps it is more serious like a post having been vandalised.


The map is very out-of-date. All but experienced orienteers should avoid using this course, until further notice. It is understood that the map is being updated.

  • Pete Akers, September 2019

Fyne Court

One section is currently out of bounds, so one control may not be accessible.

  • Alasdair Shaw, October 2021

Dunster Forest

The Crown Estate is currently in the process of selling its interests in Dunster. As such the forestry office has been closed and the website shut down and so any map packs they may have had previously are no longer available.

  • Crown Estate customer service dept, March 2017

I tried the SEGOL2021 Short course on Boxing Day. Great fun amongst the shoppers! Warning- the #13 is in the middle of County Hall which is currently closed. You will need to contact Alasdair Shaw as HITMO is turned off

The Longrun Meadow POC is missing #W post at the moment and several posts are missing the green/white plates. More plates have been ordered, but the codes/numbers are still visible carved into the posts. Where the post is in place the QR codes are still available.