Quantocks Challenge 2022

Our annual long score event is now open for entries. Maps will be released on 18 July so you can plan your routes.
Full details at Quantocks Challenge 2022 - Quantock Orienteers

Publicity Appeal
This is an event that can both raise the club’s profile generally and also attract a different group of people into our sport. Any help you can give to promote it would be brilliant.
Here are some ideas:

  • Go to the FB event Redirecting... and click you are interested or going.
  • Share one of our posts about it.
  • Post on social media with #quantockschallenge eg. an announcement you are going to do it or photos taken while you are out on the course
  • Invite or tag people you think would like to do it.
  • Mention it at a running club meet.

And, as always, it would be great to hear here how you get on.

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We have set up a private category here on the chat site for route discussions and write-ups from people who have already completed their first attempt.

You can request to join the group at Quantock challenge finishers 2022 - Quantock Orienteers (or email chat@quantockorienteers.co.uk) - you need to have an account.

Once the event closes, the category will be made public.

Just in case you missed it, QC22 has been extended to 28 August to make up for the hot weather having made it rather dangerous to run on several days.