Quantocks Challenge 2020

The Quantocks Challenge 2020 started yesterday. It is a long-o score course using MapRunF on a day of your choosing in the first three weeks of August.

For details of the event see https://www.quantockorienteers.co.uk/events/quantocks-challenge-2020

Are you are thinking of taking part or have any questions? Have you run the event - let everyone know how you got on? (no spoilers though please!)

How do I get the pass code?

Hi @OsteoDave - next to ‘Pre Event Info’ there is a more link that reveals more details including an entry form. It is down the bottom between safety information and the photo gallery.

Thanks. Got it now. Had to fill in the entry form to get link to the page with the code.

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Sounds like the Quantocks Challenge was a success - https://www.quantockorienteers.co.uk/archive/review-of-the-first-quantock-challenge

About 50 runs!

I failed to make it out mostly because August has been a disappointing running month. If you did make it out, I would love to hear how you got on.

The winner of the Full Course covered a mightily impressive 50km in 5 hours to get all the controls! Even with a 300 point penalty for a minor infringement of an OOB area, he still won.

That is an amazing distance! I reckon he strapped his phone to a drone! Thanks for organizing it. Sorry I never made it - I hope to start competing again soon.

It has been so long since I followed a map, I think I would have got more lost than usual. I’m looking forward to starting soon too (with something slightly shorter!).