Quantock Orienteers Wezzit?

OK, the rules of the game:
One person posts a photo taken in an area we use of orienteering. Ideally of a control, but I’m not going to strictly enforce that while we can’t get out to take new ones.
Everyone else has to guess where it is. First person to correctly guess, as indicated by the person who posted the picture, gets the next turn to post a picture.

So, here’s the first picture:

I think it may be Lydeard Hill

Your turn to post a picture…

What happens now? Are we waiting for a photo?

Yes. As Karen got the first one right, it’s now her turn to post a photo for us all to guess.

OK, It’s been a while so I’ll restart with another image:

You can just see the control on the far side of the water.

I remember running through that puddle I think. I have no photo to post if I am right though!

The photo doesn’t have to include a control, just be on one of our areas.