QOs celebrate end of BOK's urban summer series

Over the last five months, 20 QOs have travelled around Bristol as part of BOK’s summer urban series.

The series consisted of 12 events nearly weekly on Wednesday evenings (although a few of the events had to be re-scheduled this year). There were short, medium and long courses at each event.

A bunch of regulars formed a lift share scheme administered by Phil. Not only did this mean saving on fuel costs, but it also meant plenty of in-car discussions comparing times, discussing routes, and chatting about all things orienteering.

To add to the social aspect, some of the events were finished with dinner out - fish and chips in Bradford Upon Avon, burritos (and more fish and chips) in Weston-Super-Mare, a cafe in Hanham and a larger gathering to celebrate the end of the series in a pub near Kingsweston.


At the final gathering, we discussed our highlights (the events are all summaries below):

Brian: Enjoyed them as they came, but liked the intricacy of Portishead.

Martin: Not Wells (he was one of the unlucky early starters caught in the torrential rain), but also especially enjoyed Portishead.

Richard: Emersons Green as he had a great start with the early controls in the wood and the sprints at Hanham with the cafe.

Shelia and Hamish: Portishead as it was scenic and interesting, and Emersons Green.

Pete: He especially enjoyed Bristol University on campus, which stands out from the rest.

Phil: Sad to miss Portishead, but especially enjoyed the last two - Troopers Hill and Kingsweston.

Series Results

The best 6 results of the series count, so here are the results of all QOs who took part in enough events:

On the Long:

13th: Phil
14th: Pete

On the Medium:

4th: Graham
16th: Martin *
20th: Rosie
26th: Tony

(* Martin’s scores are listed under two entries)

Thank you to everyone at BOK involved in organising, planning, controlling and volunteering at events. There has been a suggestion that QO offer to organise a stage of the competition next year in one of our areas…

Event summaries

All the results and links to RouteGadget and WinSplits

Bristol University: Sprint-style controls on campus mapped in detail with longer street legs in the surrounding area.

Emersons Green: Surprisingly tricky woods with plenty of contour detail at the start before moving to sports fields and urban streets.

Bradford Upon Avon: Hilly, with detailed lanes and steps on the hillside north of the river and a sprint segment in the centre of town. Fish and chips in the park afterwards.

Bath: A very wet but very technical urban orienteering course.

Weston-Super-Mare: Sprint-style controls in the park, cut-throughs and underpasses in the shopping and residential areas, residential streets, running along the seafront and some final climbs back to the finish.

Hanham: Sprint format with two shorter races followed by dinner in the sunshine outside the cafe.

Nailsea: A network of streets and lanes with an unexpected small but complex wooded area in the middle of the map.

Wells: Complex starting and finishing legs. Early starters were rewarded with torrential rain and having to navigate slippery steps and alleys.

Chipping Sodbury: Quite a few legs had multiple route choices thanks to out-of-bounds roads with limited crossing points.

Portishead: Fast racing on the flat streets in and around the marina.

Troopers Hill: The Long and Medium courses both had considerable altitude gain with a mix of street controls and controls on mixed terrain on top of the main hill.

Kingsweston: A mixture of wooded hillside and streets with plenty of route options.

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