QOFL leagues after three events

The QOFL leagues have been updated after Castle Neroche: QOFL - Quantock Orienteers

We are half way through the season but all the leagues are still wide open:

Sheila Braine is leading Blue, but with Ben Chesters (DEVON), Ian Mayhew and Andy Creber (NGOC) chasing with one less scored event.

Ray Toomer is leading Green, with John Chesters (DEVON) and Hazel Mudd (who is the lead woman) behind.

Adele Appleby is ahead of Roger Craddock @craddocktaunton, followed by Becca Jackson (DEVON) on Short Green.

Lottie Jackson (DEVON) leads Light Green, with Oliver Lewis in 2nd and then Robin Dafforn (DEVON).

Finley Goddard tops Orange, followed by Annabel Carter and Debbie Tasker (HH).

Deeyana Jaradat @JaradatFamily is leading Yellow, with Bee Hemmings in 2nd and Iris Landrigan (BOK) in 3rd.

Ilyaseen Jaradat is ahead of Max Landrigan (BOK) and Oliver Rhodes (BADO) on White.

The league tables have been adjusted after a mistake was spotted: