QOFL league standings after two events

The standings for the QOFL league have been updated after Kings Cliff Woods:

Results (PDF) | Results (XLS)

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Perfect orienteering conditions in Kings Cliff Woods

Planner Andy made great use of the compact steep-sided woodland valley for the second event in our Forest League.

The rain held off for the event allowing competitors from across the South West to enjoy this technical middle-distance-style event.

Most of the non-junior courses had an unexpected direction change to the first control from the start boxes and kite which rewarded quick thinking (and those keeping an eye on fellow competitors whilst warming up!).

Despite being a fairly small area, Andy had planned the courses to make good use of the area which made a great challenge. It was also lovely to see several families from our JOG activities attending a league event.

Extact from the blue course

Extact from the blue course

We’ve not used the woods for a few years now but I hope you’ll agree they were at their best after a long dry summer especially under the warm sunny skies yesterday- in particular the open beech woods on the North of the valley were delightfully free of any undergrowth and provided fine running and navigation.

On the blue course, Ben Chesters from Devon took the win almost 5 minutes ahead of QO Adam Fieldhouse. Louise Tonge and Chris Aitkins from BOK had the 1-2 on Green. Jim Nickolls was 1st on Short Green, followed by Roger Craddock in 2nd - with Adele Appleby fastest woman in 4th.

Lottie Jackson from the Devon was the sole finisher on Light Green. Loralie Frost won Orange, with QO Annabelle Lewis in 2nd. Zoe Frost and Harriet Grant topped the results on Yellow. Oscar Moore whizzed around White in 1st place followed by Emily Moore in 2nd.

Organiser Ollie Rant did a great job:

This was the first QOFL I have organised from start to finish, so thank you to all for being patient whilst we ironed out any hiccups. I would like to say a big thank you to those who volunteered to help out on the day, these events would not happen without you! A special thanks goes out to Roger and Judy for driving an injured competitor home to Dorset!

We wish Mike from Wimborne a speedy recovery from his injury.

Access full results, RouteGadget (plot your route on the orienteering map) and full planner and organiser comments on the events page.

Results after 2 events:
Results (PDF) | Results (XLS)

Course 1st 2nd
Blue Ian Mayhew (QO) Andy Creber (NGOC)
Green Chris Aitkins (BOK) Ray Toomer (QO)
Short Green Jim Nickolls (QO) Roger Craddock (QO)
Light Green Lottie Jackson (DEVON) Oliver Lewis (QO)
Orange Finley Goddard (QO) Annabel Carter (QO)
Yellow Deeyana Jaradat (QO) Iris Landrigan (BOK)
White Ilyaseen Jaradat (QO) Max Landrigan (BOK)