QOFL league standings after 5 events

The league tables have been updated after 5 events (including Quantock North):

Results (PDF) | Results (XLS)

On Blue, assuming Ben Chesters and Ollie Rant @Mr_Rant will be distracted on Brown, Ian Mayhew has the lead over several chasers including Damian Wilson (Devon) and Brian Pearson @BrianJP.

On a related note, at the last committee meeting it was agreed to run an additional league next year for those orienteers who choose to enter a Brown course over a Blue course now that we have at least 2 or 3 league events with a Brown course. We will endeavour to include a Brown course if possible for the area but if a Brown course is not possible, there will still be a separate entry to distinguish between the two leagues.

It is wide open on Green. Steve Robertson @srober10 leads, followed by Chris Atkins (BOK) and Ray Toomer.

On Short Green, Becca Jackson (Devon) leads, with Roger Craddock @craddocktaunton and Adele Appleby close behind.

On Light Green, it is down to Lottie Jackson (Devon), who has the advantage, and Ollie Lewis.

On Orange, Finlay is pretty much safe after a fantastic run of results.

On Yellow, Deeyana Jaradat @JaradatFamily is 1000 points clear, but Bee Hemmings has an event in hand, so it could go down to the wire.

Ilyaseen Jaradat, having attended all events so far, deservedly takes the trophy with an event in hand.