QO Successes at Blustery Braunton!

31 members turned out in a bracing wind on the dunes of Braunton Burrows last Sunday.

For some it was a tortuous journey to avoid a fallen electricity pole and others lost the will to live as well as their way through the sand blasting!

Some notable results were achieved:

Brown course. 9 QO in the results with 7 obtaining colour standard including 3 Fieldhouses. Our group was led by Ollie Rant @Mr_Rant

Blue course. 4 QO achieved the Blue standard.

Green. An outstanding 2nd place from Finley Goddard (M14) @Fin_G

Short Green. Sue Toomer and Tony Hext were within 5 ½ mins of the leader.

Orange. Jacob Shirvington, our newest member WON.

Well done to all.