Pub after Wellington street series?

Is there an official / unofficial pub visit for dinner after the Wellington street series event this Wednesday evening?

I’m planning Norton Fitzwarren so if you can think of a pub, I’ll put the finish/parking near-by. Angela M

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I do not know any of the pubs in Norton Fitwarren :frowning:

In Wellington we have used the Iron Duke before. It’s right in the centre.
At Norton the Cross Keys is probably on the edge of the map.
Not sure I can make it to Wellington now as the grandchildren have given me their cold! Grrrr.

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Urgh - a dropped phone mid-route means no pub for me, and worse… no score!

How did people get on with their runs? Any tricksy bits of the area throw anyone? I notice we had quite a few ‘just over’ times.

The print was rubbing off my map, which meant that it looked like a sensible route from 26 to 12 (not via the footpath with the out of bounds marker, but the next road). It turns out that the dots of the uncrossable wall had rubbed off… I sprinted back and took the long route back, but I suspect I was a few minutes over time.

pub in Norton F is the Ring of Bells on the main road.
Wellington was very enjoyable- managed to stay dry between drizzly showers. Should have gone for the lower 10s as well but was concerned about going over time- in the end had 5 mins spare so could have got some of them close to the finish when I returned- but didn’t bother.
Have begun (well Rosie has) looking at Bishops Lydeard which has some interesting options. Expect an A3 size map and some dark lanes…

Subject to not smashing my new phone I will be there!

Sounds fun :slight_smile:

Viewpoint from the series scorer and perhaps something planners might bear in mind in future? Having a wide range of points for controls gives the veterans opportunity to cherry pick controls and serves as handicapping in their favour. Even the best M21 will struggle to win the series when they have to run out of their skin for the scant reward of those 10 pointer controls.