Portugal O Meeting 2023 - Day 4 (Long)

Day 4 was yet another long distance event - thankfully with only a short walk from the event centre (with the final run in at the event centre)

After 3 events running just behind @Pete - this time I was starting just 4 minutes in front.

My heart sank as I started on the first leg - a long leg with plenty of paths is perfect for Pete to catch up. I really enjoyed the first four controls and had a pretty clean run to 5.

Then my now traditional foolish error… from 5 my plan was to head NE to the crossing in the fence, go past the outcrop to the water station, then cut up to 6. I set off - the fence crossing was less defined than I expected, but I ticked off the outcrop and reached the water station far earlier than I expected. After a bit of energy bar and a cup of water I was about to set off when I noticed the lack of fence junction… after a few panicked moments, I realised I had headed North and was at a completely different water station :man_facepalming:

I got back into a better routine for the next few controls, but again went off on the wrong bearing from the path to 11 and wasted minutes on the wrong outcrop. I put it down to tiredness from days of races, as I made several more bearing errors on the remaining controls.

Still - it was magically changing into the arena for the run in - @Pete’s sprint finish was 1 second better, but despite average results we were 1 - 2 for that leg. Another fun day out in some brilliant terrain, and it was a surprise that physically I was able to keep going.

Overall across the 4 forest events, I finished 28th out of 69.

Well done on your sprint finishes. They do like a boulder as a control feature don’t they. Or a stretched boulder in the case of 14.

Yes! Occasionally a re-entrant to keep you on your toes.

Short videos from each day really give an idea of the terrain: