Orienteering in IKEA

From CompassSport Vol 43 Issue 4.

I hope BOK or Devon are on this!!!

Apparently the event happened whilst customers were still in store!


I had to check the publication date wasn’t April 1st! This along with all the other richly comic aspects of the sport has just made me realise its potential as the subject of a six part TV dramatisation/ satire, say. Focussing on the dream of the chair of a small UK O club to bring the format over from Scandi, but this time with predictably disastrous consequences for competitor and Ikea customer alike!
Any production team interested has the offer of my services as an O specialist.


Love it :joy: how about a cross between ‘supermarket sweep’ and orienteering :joy:

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I could do with a map like that when I go shopping! :smiley::+1:


My favourite quote from the article is:

Some people were of course really bothered how they could make a ten-minute mistake amongst beds and sofas

Pity they can’t bring back the unflappable Dale Winton RIP to interpret the mayhem

Perhaps elite runners should be handicapped by having to push a trolley with a wonky wheel!

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