Optimism for a return to orienteering and Lochaber 2021 (Scottish 6 Days)

It has been over a year since I last picked up a map and compass and took part in an orienteering event - a very long year!

Now though, as the sun shines and the garden starts to sprout back into life as spring arrives, I am starting to feel optimism that a return to orienteering could be around the corner.

Since watching the coverage of the last Scottish 6 Days (and playing spot the Quantock Orienteer), the plan had been to attended Lochaber 2021. I hope the event goes ahead as planned, but unfortunately we have made the hard decision that there are other priorities assuming a more normal Summer - friends and family not seen since the pandemic started. We will have to wait for 2023!

Still - I am still hopeful of a few local events over the Summer to refeshen up some skills before the orienteering season starts in September (and all being well can continue without interruption).

Hi Phil
It has been a long year and so looking forward to being able to get out and about further afield.
It is a real shame that you won’t be getting to Scotland this year.
I am going with the full compliment of nieces and nephew’s. We have booked accommodation near Fort William. I have entered for my age class (gone up an age group😒) and just booked kids for orange. I am hoping it all comes flooding back.
Do hope we get to see you all soon.

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I will watch the coverage enviously looking out for you all and your results!

I go up a class next year - which means it get easer right?

Likewise hope to see you all soon.

We do have some local events in the pipeline, so fingers crossed…

Just read the latest upate from the organisers - British Orienteering

Sounds like they still have some major hurdles to overcome but a lot can happen in the two months before their final go / no-go decision at the end of May.

Given the amount of work they have clearly put into this event, I really really hope it is able to go ahead.

Do we know if it will be able to be ‘televised’ this year like last time? It was fab to watch last time.

Just received an email from the organisers- the S6D is still going ahead with the caveat that the locality needs to be a low Covid risk (“Level 0”- no, not a new BOF event categorisation!) by the end of June. Level 0 isn’t a hopeless fancy as social distancing and mask wearing are still enforced.

Anyone thinking of going, please note, with a new entry limit of 2200, there’s just 175 places left as I write.

Merchandise orders are to be cancelled though- finally a multi day technical O top that suits (dark, non-gaudy colours) and it’s withdrawn.

I booked accommodation in Fort William and plan on taking most of my meals in the local Morrisons cafe(!)

Guessing ‘no’ to there being TV for social distancing, organising and financial reasons.

Great news it is still going ahead hopefully but sad we will not get to play ‘spot the QO orienteer’ this year.

Yes, Karen was telling me how Martin was glued to S6D TV back in 2019! Well it was probably worth it what with his daughter being interviewed at the Finish back then

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We watched at lot during our Germany holiday that year.

Good to see about 12 QO members are going up to the 6 (or 3?) Days. We are based at the event campsite so maybe see you there.

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